Where is tooth number 26 located

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DENTAL NUMBERING SYSTEMS There are three different numbering systems used to identify the teeth in dentistry. 1. The Universal Numbering Systemhas been adopted by the ADA and is in use by most general dentists today. Tooth number 1 is the tooth farthest back on the right side of your mouth in the upper (maxTooth number 29 is located on your lower right side second bicuspid which is the tooth before your first molar. If you have it removed you will probably notice it when yawning and opening of your mouth. It is easier to see the lower teeth than your upper teeth. My suggestion is repair the tooth and keep it. where is tooth number 26 located

All tooth numbers are a combination of the quadrant and then the tooth number. For example, tooth number 14 would be the upper right bicuspid. Tooth 21 is the first incisor on the top left.

Because the 32 teeth are only numbered 18, this can cause some confusion since 8 sets of 4 teeth all have the same number, unlike the universal system above where all teeth have their own unique number. Note that the 4 wisdom teeth are all# 8, and are not shown in the tooth number diagrams below since they are often extracted. Tooth# 26 Second Incisor Meridian Relationships. Sense Organ frontal sinus. Musculature lower extremities. Joints foot sacrum& coccyx knee (posterior) Spinal Cord Segments L2, 3 S4, 5 coccyx. Vertebrae L2, 3 Tooth Meridian Chart. Click a tooth for its relationships More Toothwhere is tooth number 26 located Diagram of the Tooth Numbering System (viewed as if looking into the mouth) Buccal (Facial) Surface Occlusal Surface Incisal Surface Right Left Maxillary Arch (Upper Jaw) Mandibular Arch (Lower Jaw) Adult Dentition Permanent teeth 132 Child Dentition Primary teeth AT Wisdom Teeth 1, 16, 17, and 32 Central Incisor Lateral Incisor Cuspid

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Here are more tooth numbers and illustrations to help you describe the location of concern to your dentist. Alternate tooth numbering system. Upper and Lower Teeth Illustrations and a Tooth Illustration. TMJ. All photographic images of tooth numbers and illustrations located on this web site are copyrighted by Pi Dental Center. where is tooth number 26 located As an example, teeth numbers 1, 16, 17, and 32 are your wisdom teeth. Teeth numbers 14 and 15 are your upper left molars. If you are getting cosmetic dentistry using veneers, you usually want to enhance the most visible part, teeth numbers 6 11 on the upper and 22 26 on the lower. The tooth numbering continues by assigning teeth numbers descending to the lower left third molar (number 17) and follows the lower (mandibular) jaw up to the tooth farthest back on the bottom right side of the mouth (number 32). Tooth number 1 is the tooth farthest back on the right side of your mouth in the upper (maxillary) jaw. Numbering continues along your upper teeth toward the front and across to the tooth farthest back on the top left side (which is number 16). The numbers continue by dropping down to Tooth filling: Drilling out the diseased part of a tooth and packing the space with a mineral filling can prevent a cavity from destroying the tooth. Root canal: The deep pulp of a tooth is

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