1969 dodge dart gts 383 production numbers

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Before chasing a specific car, production numbers and history are useful to understand the challenge ahead. Joe tells us, The GTS was built for only three model years, 1967 to 1969.Chrome valve covers were standard equipment on 383 Dart GTS and Plymouth 'Cuda's but, for some reason, Production Numbers Production figures are from the Chrysler Historical Collection& MyMopar. com dodge dart, 1969 dodge charger, 1969 dodge dart, 1968 dodge dart, 1967 dodge dart 1969 dodge dart gts 383 production numbers

1969 Dodge Dart GTS nice unrestored original 383 motor 4 speed car have a original correct casting code and date code non numbers matching stock bore block and a

The Dodge GTS returned for model year 1969. With a total production of 6, 285 units for the hardtop and 417 convertibles, it was the second largest number produced after the 1968. Welcome to my homepage on the Web! I'm glad you stopped by. You'll find lots of facts about one of my life long passions Mopar muscle cars, and my current ride for the past 37 years, an all original Big Block '69 Dart GTS.1969 dodge dart gts 383 production numbers A year later, Chrysler took over the 440 Abody project, now calling them Dart GTS 440s. Dodge built 640 Mcode 440 Darts in batches, rolling through production every few weeks from Sunday, December 1, 1968, to Sunday, May 18, 1969. These cars were no longer exclusive to Grand Spaulding Dodge, but many of them were sold by Mr. Norm.

1969 dodge dart gts 383 production numbers free

Dodge Cars and Production Numbers, US. by Gerard Wilson. For details on production records and how these numbers were calculated, see the first article in this series, Plymouth U. S. Production Figures. These tables are not definitive or fully accurate. 1969 dodge dart gts 383 production numbers The only catch was that when new, and optioned to the max, the Dart GTS was costcomparative to a base 383 Road Runner. As a result, production numbers are relatively low: 8, 295 units in Dodge was paying close attention to this Junior Muscle Car market and was ready to dive right in with their compact Dart model. Late into the 1967 model year, Dodge released the GTS. The GTS was offered only with the 383 Magnum engine in both hardtop and convertible models. Dodge vehicle identification numbers (vin) decoder reveals the vehicles series, model, plant, and production. The 1969 Dart lost the 2door sedan model at the end of '68, and was replaced with the Swinger 2door hardtop. Also added was the Swinger 340. All Darts received trim updates including a minor revision of the grille and rectangular parkturn lights.

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