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I am setting up a very small MySQL database that stores, first name, last name, email and phone number and am struggling to find the 'perfect' datatype for each field.Also the phone number is not a number , in my opinion is relative to the type of phone numbers. If we're talking of an internal mobile phoneBook, then strings are fine, as the user may wish to store GSM Hash Codes. If storing E164 phones, bigint is the best option. mysql column type for phone number

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MySQL supports a number of SQL data types in several categories: numeric types, date and time types, string (character and byte) types, spatial types, and the JSON data type. This chapter provides an overview of these data types, a more detailed description of the properties of the types in each category, and a summary of the data type storage requirements. using varchar is pretty inefficient. use the money type and create a user declared type phonenumber out of it, and create a rule to only allow positive numbers. if you declare it as (19, 4) you can even store a 4 digit extension and be big enough for international numbers, and only takes 9 bytes of storage.mysql column type for phone number MySQL provides a specific type of numeric column called an autoincrement column. This type of column is automatically filled with a sequential number if no specific number is provided. For example, when a table row is added with 5 in the autoincrement column, the next row is automatically assigned 6 in that column unless a different number is specified.

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As for phonenumtype , you can have some default types, such as office, home, mobile, and some provision for additional ones (mobile2, etc, possibly with names created by the user). If you want to save space in phonenumtype, you can use an ID or a simple code indicating the type. mysql column type for phone number An ENUM column can store only one value of a possible several thousand, while SET allows for several of up to 64 possible values. These are available in MySQL but aren't present in every database application. To select the column types. Identify whether a column should be a text, number, or datetime type (Table 4. 3). Table 4. 3. users Table Hello, I am waffling on how to handle a column of phone numbers. I am not sure what is common practice on the database side. Talking to some coworkers, some feel it would be fine to use a varchar and others think there should be 3 integer columns in the database for each number? The CONCAT(SUBSTR()) uses the fieldname for the first position, character position for the second, and number of digits for the third. Using AS Telephone keeps your column heading clean in your query output. One note of caution: I'd recommend against using integers for phone numbers, social security numbers This is one case where proper schema definition makes a huge difference. For the future, I would suggest a composite type or a 1 n relationship from students to phone numbers. Not only much more flexible, but presentation issues like the one in this question would be a breeze.

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