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2020-01-23 15:02

The use of 084 numbers in the NHS The use of 084 numbers in the NHS Background In February 2005 the Department announced a ban on premium rate telephone numbers (0870 or 09). However, this did not include 084 numbers, which are not 'premium rate' numbers. The Department has been clear that calls to access NHS services should not084 and 087 post customer service number ban. It is now illegal to use phone numbers starting 084, 087 for post customer service enquiries. 0844 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0870, 0871 and 0872 numbers are among those which have been banned following regulatory changes during. 084 numbers banned

The government is to ban the use of premium rate 084 and 087 telephone numbers for customer inquiries and complaints lines from next summer, amid concern that

Banned numbers for customer service Almost all helplines or customer service lines relating to an existing purchase or a current contract must be charged at standard rates. Numbers starting 084, 087 and 09 are not allowed as they are charged at more than standard rates. The service charge for 084 numbers will be capped at 7pminute, while the service charge for 087 numbers will be capped at 13pminute. Calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 will change from 1 July What about calls to other numbers? As outlined above, calls to numbers other than 084, 087 and 118 will not be split into an access and service charge.084 numbers banned 084 numbers banned The use of expensive 084 numbers by GP practices has been banned by NHS England. A letter from the national commissioning board sent to its local area teams yesterday says practices should swiftly move away from use of these numbers.

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Although 0870 numbers were banned in 2005, even as late as 2010 there were NHS bodies only now just getting around to complying with that ban. It had been widely reported in 2009 that 084 numbers were to be banned from the NHS. 084 numbers banned Although the article title says 0845 numbers the mentioned issues apply equally to all 084 (0843, 0844, 0845) and 087 (0870, 0871, 0872) numbers. Ian 4 May at 9: 34 pm Many other organisations continue to use 084 or 087 numbers for various purposes. The 084 numbers will not be banned but calls to hospitals or GP surgeries must cost no more than a standard call. Doctors' leaders welcomed the change, saying Service numbers, which start with the digits 084, 087, 09 and 118, have had a somewhat chequered past. Now, thanks to a number of measures, things are looking up. Retailers, traders and passenger transport companies have already been banned from imposing Dec 16, 2008 Expensive 084 telephone numbers could be banned in GP surgeries and other parts of the NHS, ministers have said.

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