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2020-01-23 14:57

The Army is preparing for a bump in force numbers next year, as recruiters prepare to bring in about 80, 000 new soldiers in fiscal year 2018. After a massive retention campaign in 2017, the ArmyWASHINGTON (Army News Service, Oct. 13, 2010) The Army exceeded its recruiting goals again this year, turning more than 74, 577 young Americans into Soldiers in fiscal year 2010. army recruitment numbers

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Jan 25, 2017 Watch video The British Army has seen a drop in recruitment in 8 months The Ministry of Defence has denied there has been a recruitment freeze but has been forced to admit there is a decline in numbers. Moving past the discussion of the militarys recruiting challenges, the full report contains a great deal of data on todays military personnel, including a special section examining thearmy recruitment numbers Call ARMY (2769) to receive more information or learn the phone number and location of the nearest recruiter. FIND A RECRUITER NEAR YOU Recruiters

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Sep 21, 2018 Low unemployment combined with a strong economy means the US Army is unlikely to meet its recruitment goal for the 2018 fiscal year, according to army officials. army recruitment numbers An Army campaign appealing to potential soldiers from different backgrounds comes amid growing concern about recruitment numbers. The size of the regular Army has plummeted from 159, 100 in 1980 to 83, 561 in 2017, official figures show. Although the Army will fall short of the recruitment goal of 80, 000, retention rates saw major increases, going up from 81 percent to 86 percent, Dailey said. The Reserve Components can be reached at the following numbers: National Guard Bureau, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, and Marine Corps Reserve.

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