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2019-11-20 14:48

The U. S. visa number can be found at the bottom right quadrant of the visa sticker and is typically in red letters and digits. In the below example, it's located in the red oval. Note that the visa number is NOT the control number.A visa number is the unique eightdigit letter and number code found printed in red on a person's United States visa. A U. S. visa is a travel document issued by the U. S. Department of State to citizens of foreign countries who want to enter the U. S. non immigrant visa number control number

The nonimmigrant visa number shows up in red ink on the lowerright side of the nonimmigrant visa. Do not confuse this number with the control number at the top of the visa.

Sep 06, 2016 Dear Sirs, I have F1 visa I do not know where my nonimmigrant visa number is. Is it the control number OR the red number printed on the right bottom side of the F1 visa? Visa number is a visa number and control number is a control number. The information contained in this answer is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter, not should it be viewed as establishing an attorney client relationship of any kind.non immigrant visa number control number Visa TypeClass: Type of nonimmigrant visa. Nonimmigrant visas Sex: MF. (For MaleFemale) Birth Date: Date of birth of the visa holder Nationality: Visa holder's country of citizenship Issue Date: The date (in DDMMYYYY format) when visa was issued. Expiration Date: The date (in DDMMYYYY format) until which the visa holder can apply for entry into the United States. Actual duration of stay

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The visa number is a red number that is located in the bottom right of the visa document. When your U. S visa gets approved, the U. S Embassy will stamp the visa on a full page of your passport. The visa will have a lot of information on it, and amongst it will be your visa number. non immigrant visa number control number Look at the right side of your visa stamp. At the top of the visa is the control number, which is a long combination of letters and digits. Under that is the visa type, your nationality and visa issuance information. Below all of that information is a number printed in red ink. That is your visa number. I am filling out an I485 and I also had trouble deciding which number is the Visa Number. According to the information that I have found, it is the RED number on the visa, not the Control Number. May 03, 2018 My wife and I are wondering what number to use for the Non Immigrant Visa Number on Part 3(a) of the I485 form. Usually people will use the 8 digit red number on their passport for their current visa. Mar 12, 2013 Where do I find her Nonimmigrant Visa Number asked for in Part# 3 on that form? On her Visa glued to her passport I see a Control Number and I see another number in red beginning with C. Then there is her Admission Number (or I94 number), the number on the I94 card stapled in her passport, and her A Number on her I129F Approval Notice.

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