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Communication between chimps in the wild takes the form of facial expressions, gestures, and a large array of vocalizations, including screams, hoots, grunts, and roars. Males display excitement by standing erect, stamping or swaying, and letting out a chorus of screams.Chimps occasionally hunt and eat meat. Population. An estimated 100, 000 to 200, 000 chimpanzees remain in the wild. Range. Chimpanzees can be found in 21 African countries. Chimps prefer dense tropical rainforests but can also be found in secondarygrowth forests, woodlands, bamboo forests, swamps, and even open savannah. Behavior. Chimps live in communities. number of chimps in the wild

The number of adult and adolescent male chimpanzees in the study community rose from 5 to 12 over the 1980's, due to a large number of young males who were maturing and taking their places in

The life span of chimpanzees in the wild is between 40 and 50 years while in captivity is 50 up to 60 years. Habitat Most chimpanzees live in tropical rainforests and wet grasslands or savannahs. By learning more about how to take care of the chimps in zoos people have become more aware of the need to protect the chimps in the wild. More and more often zoos promote conservation efforts to try and help wild populations.number of chimps in the wild How can the answer be improved?

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How Many Chimpanzees Are Left in the World? As of 2014, 177, 000 to 300, 000 chimpanzees exist in the wild. The chimp population is decreasing as human number of chimps in the wild The number of chimps in the wild is steadily decreasing. One of the main causes is the alarming rate at which forests are cut down for farming, settlements, and As of November 2007, about 1, 300 chimpanzees were housed in 10 U. S. laboratories (out of 3, 000 great apes living in captivity there), either wildcaught, or acquired from circuses, animal trainers, or zoos. Central chimpanzees are the most numerous, with about 80, 000 found in Gabon and Congo, eastern chimpanzees number about 13, 000 though the estimates from DRC are very rough, and western chimpanzees are very patchily distributed with no more than 12, 000 remaining (Oates 1996). In the wild, chimpanzees face any number of dire threats, ranging from poachers to predators to deforestation. Thats why scientists, investigating an outbreak of respiratory disease in a

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