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These Braille number tags can really help you stay color coordinated. Braille Magnetic Numbers. by The Braille Superstore. 11. 95 11 95. our Economy Series ADA Braille Room number signs (with Handicap Large PrintBraille Keyboard Labels Blk on Yellow. by MaxiAids. 19. 95 19 95.Larger numbers only need one number sign. The comma in braille is dot 2, and is used in numbers and with words, too. 3: 1, 9: 8: 7: The braille code is used for words and for numbers in sentences or page numbers, but when students take math class they learn a different code called the Nemeth code. Expanding the Code braille number sign

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ADA Braille signs are no longer only found at hotels, offices, and hospitals. If your facility has a snack area, a gift shop, waiting rooms, a fitness center, mail rooms or even a room for coats, the ADA specifies that you must install a tactile Braille sign. BRAILLE SYMBOLS AND INDICATORS Braille Characters Letters Numbers Contractions Indicators Punctuation and Symbols Within each group, the braille signs are listed in alphabetic order by name. Each braille sign is listed under all possible names. In the last three groups, references tobraille number sign Just Braille Signs offers customizable braille room number signs that allow you to choose your style, color and text. These modern braille tactile signs take the boring out of ADA signage. We offer a great variety of braille tactile sign collections, including an economy series

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Note: When indicating numbers the number sign should be placed before braille numbers to differentiate them from the letter symbols A to J. See example below. Note: A letter sign, or grade 1 indicator () is required to be inserted between numbers and letters when numbers are immediately followed by letters. See example below. braille number sign

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