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The DSN area codes are not used when dialing from the same area code, e. g. , the DSN area code of 314 (Europe) is not used when dialing to a DSN number in area code 314 (Europe) from another telephone with an area code of 314 (Europe).DSN Telephone Directory. Global DSN Operator: (312). CONUS Dial 94 DSN number or. OCONUS 94 315 DSN number ARIZONA Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma 269xxxx Operator Assist Yuma Proving Grounds, Yuma 269xxxx Operator Assist CALIFORNIA dsn morale numbers

The DSN Telephone Directory is provided solely as an aid to finding individual DSN site numbers; it is not a complete directory like a local phone book, nor are there plans to

SBU Voice is designed with the capability to permit interconnection and interoperation with similar tactical, U. S. Government, allied and commercial networks; all hardware and software in the network must be certified as interoperable and Information Assurance (IA) accredited as specified. Duty Officer: (904) DSN use this number for the Morale Call Line NOTE: Phone Operators are no longer available at NAS Jacksonville. Please use the alphabetical directory below to locate the telephone number you are searching for. OFFICE. BUILDING. TELEPHONE# COMMANDING OFFICERdsn morale numbers 1. Wait for the dial tone and dial the DSN# OR 2. Request to be connected by the operator Cell Phones: Cell phone prefixes in Okinawa start with either 080 or 090 followed by an 8 digit phone number, whereas the local area code for Okinawa has a 098 prefix followed by a 7 digit number. Softbank, AU, and Docomo, are the most common cell

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May 14, 2006 If we all knew these phone numbers then we wouldn't have to be put on hold with our local base operators as we request a commercial offbase call for morale Please post any such DSN phone numbers that you know. dsn morale numbers Jul 06, 2011 To place a Morale Call through the Operator DSN: or direct to the Morale Line DSN: The Pin and Password to use that line is 8762. The Morale Line is Voice Recognition so the caller Can just say the Pin and Password and the number they are calling or they can touch tone the required Information in. DSN stands for defense switched network, which is the primary system of interbase communication for the U. S. Department of Defense. A DSN number is a phone or data communications number that is used within that closed system. As of the date of this publication, the six DSN area codes are: Continental U. S. Puerto Rico 312 Europe 314 Pacific 315 Alaska 317 Central Command (Southwest Asia) 318 Canada 319. Step. Obtain your access number if required. Your DODmilitary command should let you know if an access number is required to make DSN phone calls. How can the answer be improved?

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