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2020-01-24 20:55

The corporate search offers current details for the corporationsmall business including confirmation of whether the business is a corporation or small business, legal address, current directorsprincipals, how long the business has been established, if active and may additionally provide the businessYou need the corporation name and if possible, the Ontario Corporation Number (OCN) or Business Identification Number (BIN). Search the public records maintained by the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch (CPPSB) of the MGS. corporate number search ontario

Ontario Business Search Ontario Corporate Search Ontario Business Search There are numerous types of Ontario corporations search and Ontario business name searches which can provide a variety of information about Ontario businesses.

Search Tip: Do not include the legal ending in the search field. For example, if your proposed business name is ABC Business Inc. , only enter ABC Business. For example, if your proposed business name is ABC Business Inc. , only enter ABC Business. The Enhanced Business Name Search, is the most basic Ministry search available in Ontario and only covers Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships, and Operating Names registered in Ontario. For this reason we dont recommend the enhanced business name search when registering a business.corporate number search ontario You can search here for a federal corporation by using a Corporate Name, Corporation Number, or Business Number, or contact Provincial Registrars here. The CRAs GST Registry lets you validate the GSTHST number of a business; it will tell you whether a business was registered for GSTHST purposes on a specific date. You would need to provide the name of the business, GSTHST number

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A Corporate Search, being a search of the record of a registered private or public company, will provide you with different information depending on the province in which the company was registered. For instance, in Ontario shareholders are private, however, in Alberta the shareholders of a company are on the public register. corporate number search ontario Corporation Index Search An ECI Search is a search of all corporations registered in ONBIS. Basic information such as corporate name, corporate number,

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