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The Number One Hits Of 1981: December 27, 1980 January 30, 1981: John Lennon (Just Like) Starting Over. January 31, 1981 February 6, 1981: Blondie The Tide Is High. February 7, 1981 February 20, 1981:53 rows These are the Billboard Hot 100 numberone hits of 1981. The longest running numberone single of 1981 is Physical by Olivia NewtonJohn which stayed at the top of the chart for six weeks in 1981 and then for four additional weeks in 1982, with a total of 10 weeks at numberone. number one song 1981

Tunecaster's Number One Song Calendar page is where to find all of the number one songs since late 1959 through 2014. We can find a song for a birthday, a wedding, graduation, or find a song for that special day if it is after 1959.

1980 Number Ones 1981 Number Ones 1982 Number Ones 1983 Number Ones 1984 Number Ones 1985 Number Ones 1986 Number Ones 1987 Number Ones 1988 Number Ones 1989 Number Ones About Number Ones Number Ones UK Singles Chart from 1950's to present day. Find a rock number one song for any date. If you like rock music, you can find a rock song to represent your birthday, graduation, wedding, or other special event. You are no longer limited to a pop song.number one song 1981 Number 1 Songs for 1981: Having a party to celebrate your birthday? Click on the map to find your party disco. This table shows the date the song reached number one in the charts. If your exact birth date isn't shown find the closest date before your birthday this is the song that was number

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Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) by Christopher Cross was the# 1 song on October 18, 1981. Watch the music video and find other hit songs for any day. number one song 1981 This lists songs that hit number one on the charts in the US during 1981. If a song spent nonconsecutive weeks at number one, the number of weeks for each occurrence at

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