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50 Star Trek Quotes Inspiring You to Boldly Go Into Your Future 50 years ago this space soap opera hit the airwaves. Its focus on the future has motivated people to constantly improve theirs.Number One is a fictional character who, in The Cage , the original pilot episode of the sciencefiction television series Star Trek, was the unnamed intellectual, problem star trek number one quotes

Jul 31, 2009 Captain JeanLuc Picard says number one for the first time in Next Generation.

20 Star Trek quotes to help you boldly go through the workday. we've compiled a list of our favorite Star Trek quotes. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. Maybe it's the one Seven of Nine: Holodecks are a pointless endeavor, fulfilling some human need to fantasize. I have no such need. The Doctor: What you need is some editorial skill in your impulse and action, there is a realm of good taste begging for your trek number one quotes Star Trek: First Contact (1996) story by Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore and Rick Berman; If there is one ideal that the Federation holds most dear, it is that all men, all races can be united. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) story by John Logan, Rick Berman and Brent Spiner; On Equality and Peace; If your issues are with me, then deal with me.

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Captain JeanLuc Picard's signature line was a part of Star Trek: The Next Generation from the very start, with actor Patrick Stewart uttering what would become his character's most memorable star trek number one quotes Number one was a title affectionately given to an officer who is second in command, literally because the first officer was, in name, the commanding officer's number one man or woman. The first draft of the Star Trek: The Next Generation bible created while the series was in development Star Trek: The Next Generation Quick Navigation: Films: one sword at least thy rights shall guard one faithful harp shall praise thee. Besides, you look good in a dress Riker to Worf Great Star Trek Quotes has been accessed times since the 18th of January, 1997. Find and save ideas about Star trek quotes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Star Trek, Star trek series and Spock. Geek culture. Star trek quotes Funny Star Trek The Original Series Quotes only one with a red shirt that doesn't die. michael moors. Star Trek. What others are saying Who is the best Number One ? That's the question StarTrek. com asked readers for our latest weekly poll. As always, thousands of fans took the time to participate. And this one was pretty close, as the options included Spock, Riker, Kira, Chakotay and T'Pol.

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