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2019-12-06 11:24

May 28, 2009 iCalendar icon on the Macbook's dock sometimes has a red circle with a number, looks like a certificate. What is the red circle for in iCalendar's icon on the dock. ? You can reply to the invitation and add the event to your iCal calendar. The following information is taken from iCal Help:If its not running, then iCals Dock icon appears to indicate that the day is always the 17th of the month, as can be seen in the screen shot above. Of course, there is a relatively easy way to work around this problem. ical dock icon number

OS X: : ICal Dock Icon Displaying Wrong Date Jun 19, 2009. Today is the 19th and my ical dock icon is displaying the 18th. My dates and times are correct in my preferences and display properly every where else. When I launch ical it is also on the proper date and the dock icon will display the proper date as long as ical is open.

Supposedly, the red badge that shows up on the Calendar icon in the app switcher (and the Dock, if anyone still uses that) represents invitations that you've not dealt with. That's a nice theory, but I have no invitations waiting for me to act on, and I still have a red badge with a 3 in it. Within the options there will be an option entitled Badge app icon, uncheck this option to remove the dock icon numbers. This simple option removes the number from dock icons. Simply go down the list on the right hand side to remove the numbers.ical dock icon number Jan 12, 2009 Question: Q: Little Red Number on Ical Icon on dock I have a little red circle at the upper right hand corner of my Ical Icon on the dock. It is the same as the number that appears when I have 4 emails waiting for me in Mail.

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DB: 3. 38: Ical Dock Icon Not Changing p1 It's the 2nd of February today, but the dock icon still shows that it's the 1st. When I open iCal, the icon switches to the 2nd, but reverts back to the 1st when I close iCal. ical dock icon number ICal dock icon wont update in Leopard. My iCal dock icon has stopped updating the current date. I have dragged the icon off the dock and redragged a fresh version from the iCal application but this only works for the current day where again it will not update the next day. Feb 10, 2014 today a wiered number appeared on my ical icon similar to that on Mail that notifiess you of new messages. What is this and how o I get rid of it? Got a tip for us? A script to keep iCal's dock icon current Authored by: bluehz on Feb 26, '03 08: 08: 22AM This script is working, teh icon is changing, BUT it is reverting BACK to the old number soon after. Hold the Ctrl key and click the iCal dock icon. Move the mouse cursor over the Options option, and click the Open at Login option. Now, the iCal calendar application will automatically open on the computer's desktop when you turn on the computer.

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