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2019-11-12 01:40

Instead of sorting your data by columns, you can sort the data by row. In this example, we'll sort a table of monthly sales, so the month with the largest sales total is at the left. To do this, we'll use a rightclick popup menu. To sort by a row, follow these steps: Select one cell in the row you want to sort.Sorting with the New Sort Columns. Select the new sort columns (B: C). Then click on the Sort button on the Data tab of the menu. Choose to sort by the EN Sort 1 column. Click the Add Level button to specify a second sort criteria. Choose to sort by the EN Sort 2 sort column in excel by number

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In this example, we will sort by TShirt Size (column D) with the custom list we previously created for the Order field. Click Add Level to add another column to sort by. Select the next column you want to sort by, then click OK. In the example above, the sort options have changed because I've selected a column with numbers. It really is this easy to perform a basic sort. Simply click inside of a column of data, choose a sort option, and Excel will reorder the data inside a spreadsheet.sort column in excel by number After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as follows: . 1. Select the number column that you want to sort by first digit, then click Enterprise Advanced Sort, see screenshot: . 2. In the Advanced Sort dialog box, choose the column that you want to sort, and select Values under the Sort On section, then specify the sort order as you need, see screenshot: . 3.

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For Excel to sort dates and times correctly, all dates and times in a column must be stored as a date or time serial number. If Excel cannot recognize a value as a date or time, the date or time is stored as text. For more information, see Convert dates stored as text to dates. sort column in excel by number

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