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The bottom number of the atom is the atomic number which is based on the number of protons. The 14 is the total mass of the atom. Carbon 14 has 6 protons and 8 neutrons for a total mass of 14Atoms of both isotopes of carbon contain 6 protons. Atoms of carbon12 have 6 neutrons, while atoms of carbon14 contain 8 neutrons. A neutral atom would have the same number of protons and electrons, so a neutral atom of carbon12 or carbon14 would have 6 electrons. carbon atomic number 12

The atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atomic, hence no matter the isotope, the atomic number remains the same but that can't be said for the mass number as it depends on the number of neutrons as well.

Atomic Number: 6 Atomic Mass: 12. 0107 amu Melting Point: 3500. 0 C (3773. 15 K, 6332. 0 F) Boiling Point: 4827. 0 C (5100. 15 K, 8720. 6 F) If you know of any other links for Carbon, please let me know MLA Format for Citing This Page Bentor, Yinon. Chemical Element. com Carbon. Isotopes of carbon are atomic nuclei that contain six protons plus a number of neutrons (varying from 2 to 16). Carbon has two stable, naturally occurring isotopes. The isotope carbon12 (12 C) forms 98. 93 of the carbon on Earth, while carbon13 (13 C) forms the remaining 1. 07.carbon atomic number 12 The atomic mass of a single atom is simply its total mass and is typically expressed in atomic mass units or amu. By definition, an atom of carbon with six neutrons, carbon12, has an atomic mass of 12 amu. Other atoms dont generally have roundnumber atomic masses for reasons that are a little beyond the scope of this article.

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The atomic number of Carbon (C) is 6. This is because of the presence of 6 protons and 6 electrons. Two are present in the first shell (K) and four are present in the second shell (L). carbon atomic number 12 There are more carbon compounds than there are compounds of all other elements combined. It is found in abundance in the sun, stars, comets, and the atmospheres of most planets. Carbon14, a radioactive isotope of carbon, is used to find the age of dead things by using radiocarbon dating.

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