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2019-11-19 15:33

Using Oracle's sub query factory clause: WITH , you can select numbers from 1 to 100: WITH t(n) AS ( SELECT 1 from dual UNION ALL SELECT n1 FROM t WHERE n 100 ) SELECT FROM t; share improve this answerIn Oracle, you can create an autonumber field by using sequences. A sequence is an object in Oracle that is used to generate a number sequence. This can be useful when you need to create a unique number to act as a primary key. sequence number generator in oracle

Where does a requirement like this come from? I want to generate a number, but not use a sequence and never use anything that is divisible by 5. Why not use a sequence? What possible reason could there be? Next, you will want to store data, but not use a table.

This functionality seems to work for larger numbers too but note that this function will not work in Oracle versions prior to 9i! In Oracle 8i for example you get ORA: CONNECT BY loop in user data . To prevent from this add the condition AND PRIOR dbmsrandom. value IS NOT NULL is tne CONNECT BY clause. Random Number Generation; Breadcrumb. Hi Tom, I would like to know whether Oracle can generate Random Numbers and store in the database. My specific requirement is I would like to have a table having a field which holds randomly generated yet unique numbers. Can this be done in Oracle? ( sequence, time, random number ) you may use whateversequence number generator in oracle NOT caching the sequence is not a good response. That obviates much of the speed of the sequence understanding that sequences do not generate gap free sequences of number is the right answer. A rollback will introduce a gap you must be prepared to live with it.

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About Sequences. Sequences are database objects from which multiple users can generate unique integers. The sequence generator generates sequential numbers, which can help to generate unique primary keys automatically, and to coordinate keys across multiple rows or tables. sequence number generator in oracle Nov 02, 2011 I'm trying to get Oracle sequence number by using SQL transformation. In SQL Transformation, the query is select seqtest. nextval from dual; and one output port to get the return value. Can you please check the connectionstring in the SQL transformation is valid or not. It is possible to generate the sequence number. will work but When you want to generate a unique number, for a primary key, the most common idea (and the right one) is to get a number from an always increasing generator. Oracle provides SEQUENCE for this purpose, which is optimized, easy to use and scalable. Oracle documentation says that it is necessary to initialize the package before using the random number generator. Oracle by default initializes the package with the seed value as the current user name, current time down to the second and the current session id. Dec 18, 2002 In Oracle, you can get a sequence number by: CREATE SEQUENCE KEYID NOMAXVALUE MINVALUE 1 NOCYCLE CACHE 20; SELECT KEYID. NEXTVAL FROM DUAL; Is there a similar way to do it in SQL Server? Thanks in advance.

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