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Kine Exakta, version 1 This is the famous Round Magnifier model (Body number, Tessar 502. 8 ). This camera was the best idea for sport photography but nobody wrote about the Olympic Games in Berlin in that year (1936)! You can find more information clicking here; Kine Exakta, shellSpelling versions of Kine Exakta. All varieties of 1. 2 were made in two spellings: Exakta and Exacta. I will be referring to these with the appropriate letter attached, e. g. , . k or. c, if necessary. Hummel variant of. R. Hummel lists yet another model (004), not mentioned by A& R. kine exakta serial numbers

Kine Exakta II Here is an Exakta II of 1949, the second version of the first postwar model. I bought it with a black, manual, 2. 058 Carl Zeiss Biotar from the same year.

Kine Exakta , brochure on the camera, 17pp, d. 1937. The Kine was the first 35 mm singlelens reflex (SLR), in form the Kine is more or less an Exakta 127 scaled to take 35 mm cine film, the mechanism though is totally different and much more complicated. The Exakta is a milestone in camera history. Between 1933 and 1939 the serial number range of Ihagee cameras in Dresden advanced from to. The precise number of cameras made cannot now be determined, since Ihagee allocated serial numbers sequentially without regard for the camera type, and precise numbers have been lost.kine exakta serial numbers Kine Exakta was the World's first 35 mm SLR camera. It was in production from the spring of 1936. (In fact the prototype of the Russian Sport preceeded it in 1934 but it was not ready for the mass production until 1937. ) The 'Kine' in its name refers to the Cinema, where the standard 35mm film was used for motion pictures at that time.

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Read more about the Exakta Circle, who we are and what we do Great Exakta collection coming up for sale! Visit Sales and Wants in the members' section for details. kine exakta serial numbers The only other early Kine serial numbers known are (seen in an early brochure) and (though hard to read) that appears in the original Kine instruction book. Of great interest is the mirror dating of the prewar cameras. Exakta and Exa Serial Numbers Like most advanced collectors, Klaus Rademaker tries to keep track of serial numbers within his collecting interests. Over the last decade, Klaus has managed to assemble a very accurate database of ExaktaExa numbers that Serial numbers and dates are always a subject of study for serious collectors, and in the case of prewar Ihagee, subsequent events have greatly reduced the data available across the whole Ihagee range. It was not just the KineExakta that caused confusion, because the principle of updating cameras that came in for repair or modification Exakta and Exa Serial Numbers The serial number groups on these pages can be confusing when used to identify a specific version of ExaktaExa. Of course, the name on the front plate of the camera immediately narrows your search but that is the end of the easy work.

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