Battleship number line

2020-01-22 03:15

the number line. 3. Players get points for perfect or partial hits. SHIP MODE: SUBMARINE MODE: 1. The location of the hidden submarine is given (78). 2. Click a location on the number line corresponding to the given location. 3. Players get points for perfect or partial hits.In this free online math game, students explore fractions, decimals, and other number concepts by estimating their place on a number line. battleship number line

Estimating numbers on a number line can be a blast! This version of Battleship Numberline is specifically designed to help students quickly and confidently estimate the size of different fractions.

Feb 10, 2015 Design OF Educational Games Assignment 2. Saturn V First Flight: The Apollo 4 Mission 1967 NASA JSC457; Johnson Space Center Duration: 15: 44. Jeff Quitney 59, 683 views Battleship Numberline . Advanced Games Search K3 Games. ELL Games. Topics (0 Results) No topics found with Battleship Numberline . Try browsing: K3battleship number line Collaborative Learning Tips: Allow learners to work in pairs at a computer while playing the Battleship Numberline math game. Pairing learners of somewhat varying abilities together can be a good way to help them practice their communication and collaboration skills while reinforcing their knowledge of

Battleship number line free

As the first step in an ongoing research study to investigate the benefits of improving number line estimation skills with fractions, this paper presents preliminary findings gathered by a novel digital game, Battleship Numberline . battleship number line Battleship Numberline In this Flash game students estimate the location of fractions, whole numbers, and decimals on a number line. The game requires students to place a target on the estimated position of the ship from the value given.

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