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The Crown Lynn Collection The collection includes examples of most types of ceramics produced by Crown Lynn over its 40 year history, as well as tools and machinery involved in its manufacture, and an archive of documents, photographs and designs relating to the company.A visual glance of Crown Lynn patterns See more ideas about Crown, Crown royal bags and Crowns. A visual glance of Crown Lynn patterns. Aotearoa Design Crown Lynn Shape Number 747. Melissa. Crown Lynn patterns. Tableware Crown Dinnerware Corona Tablewares Crown Rings Crowns. and the backstamp. I notice this is not in the gallery Ev. crown lynn design numbers

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The Crown Lynn factory produced thousands of objects for a diverse number of uses, but there is one that is synonymous with Crown Lynn; the swan. The swan was produced in three sizes. The large and small versions were extremely popular, the medium lesser so, and as a result was produced in far lesser numbers. These OEM part numbers are included in more than one lynn design numbers As a reference, these are the numbers on the bases of Crown Lynn Swans: 154 the baby swan. 2065 the later mould number for the 154 baby swan. [Made at Titian Potteries when it was owned by Crown Lynn 2066 the later number for the 170 large swan. [Made at Titian Potteries when it was owned by Crown Lynn 2147 the middle sized swan.

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By 1970 Crown Lynn had become the biggest pottery manufacturer in the southern hemisphere, with 500 staff turning out 15 million pieces of china each year. However in 1989 Crown Lynn crown lynn design numbers I was impressed with the overall quality and condition of the Crown Lynn for sale, and spotted a number of patterns that are seldom seen. Pete was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. See More. August 24, 2016. See All. Crown Lynn Forma Charmaine 333. 10 14 Oven to table Ironstone dinner plates are in a beautiful yellow cornflower design. There are no signs of utensil markings and are F rank Carpay was possibly able to throw pots, but to my knowledge at Crown Lynn he was a decorator only. At first he painted standard Crown Lynn shapes, then he began designing new shapes for jugs, oil bottles and platters. At the time Crown Lynn was the southern hemisphere's largest producer of household pottery, and remained so up to at least 1978. At its height the factory employed 650 staff, produced about 17 million

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