Numbers on keyboard not working only symbols

2020-01-23 14:59

Numbers on top typing as symbols 09: 57 AM very similar issue here, shift is stuCK most of the time, but not always, numbers Create letters. what was your solution. it is neither aCcessibility, nor cApsloCk or numloCK.There are actually some keyboards that does not have any numerical pad, so the numbers may overlap with symbols and letters. This might be the reason why your keyboard keeps on typing numbers instead of numbers. numbers on keyboard not working only symbols

Number keys, symbols on top row of Lenovo Z 7080 not working, on 5 and 6 work; also 0 and 2 on numerical pad not working eit solved Laptop keyboard stopped working properly keys typing number 6

Nov 21, 2007  Best Answer: Shift lock is enabled on your computer. This is because: Your keyboard's shift keys maybe stuck You may have activated 'Sticky Keys' by mistake. Sticky keys is an accessibility feature of Windows that allows physically challenged users to Oct 11, 2016 Sometimes we face this kind of problems. Such as, when we want to write 'J' but it becomes '1' and if we press the button of 'K' it becomes '2' and 'L' for '3numbers on keyboard not working only symbols Dec 01, 2017 Top number keys only showed symbols, numberpad did not work, Caps lock was reversed. Found another forum that said you can lock a shift key by holding it down for 8 secs Sure enough I held my down for 8 seconds and magically it was fixed.

Numbers on keyboard not working only symbols free

Nov 01, 2012 This does not change anything on my laptop keyboard, but on the external USB keyboard, I get an interesting phenomemon. If I turn number lock on, the numeric keys in the number key pad and in the fourth row can type letters and the other alpha keys work fineuntil I try to type one of the symbols. numbers on keyboard not working only symbols Stickey Keys is enabled. Hit the shift button 5 times in a row. Should work fine now. what you do is press ctrl alt then while pressing those press shift 1 to how ever many you want. if htat But tonight, for the 4 hours or so I've been on, those numbers keys will simply not work, and the symbols above them. I would also like to mention I CAN access the numbers on the keypad on the right of the keyboard, but this doesn't help me with those symbols I need above the numbers keyboard will not type letters az but it will l will type numbers my keyboard will not work with letters, i can type numbers but not letters, why? More about: keyboard work letters type numbers

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