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2019-11-13 12:16

Enter the 10digit Virgin Mobile phone number you want to call directly after the 67 value (e. g. , ). Step. Press Send or Call on the cell phone. Nothing else has to be pressed on a landline telephone. The caller ID on the Virgin Mobile phone you are calling will be blocked.Mar 19, 2018 It's built right into the stock dialer, you can also block any text messages that you don't want doing the same thing in the stock messaging app, just hold on the person who you want to block and just choose block from the popup menu. Virgin Mobile doesn't do per call blocking and instead of a 3rd party app it's built right into Sense. virgin mobile uk block number

How to Block Phone Number On Virgin Mobile Phone by Contributor; Updated September 28, 2017 Is there any phone number bothering you, you do not want to receive any calls or messages from it and you have a virgin mobile phone.

virgin mobile block number. Your launchpad for everything at virgin mobile. Get superfast and reliable 4g service and take advantage of our latest red hot virgin mobile offers, including great pay monthly, pay as you go and sim only deals. Barbicane watched him, while Michel Ardan nursed a growing headache with both hands. He was shown into the musicroom back of the little reception room. Ye are Apr 09, 2008  Can you block numbers on your cell if you have virgin mobile? if so how. Follow. 7 answers 7. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Virgin Mobile Block Number. Source(s): bernadette 2 years mobile uk block number Apr 06, 2011 How do I block a number on Virgin mobile? I have a Kyocera Loft. I read the answers telling me to go to the website and click on messaging settings to block the number. .

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1: Go into MENU of your virgin mobile. 2: Select the option SETTINGS. 3: Enter your four digit code when asked. 4: Select the call blocking option. 5: Enter the number you want to block. The number will be blocked. Text Message Block. You can also block text messages which you do not want to receive on your mobile. virgin mobile uk block number We cant block individual numbers from contacting you; You'll not be given any information regarding the source of the unwelcome calls. Changing your number. This is the quickest way to resolve nuisance or unwelcome calls. We can change your number without the 25 fee. See How to change your mobile number for more info. Report to Police UKs Best Value Network: Virgin Media awarded Best Value Network at 2014, 2015 and 2016 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards, decided by public vote among readers of Mobile Choice magazine. Results announced in October each year and valid for one year. Select Menu on your Virgin Mobile cell phone. Select Settings from the menu that appears. Enter your unique fourdigit lock code when prompted. Select the Selective Call Blocking option. Enter the number you wish to block from calling your Virgin Mobile cell phone. The number will then be blocked from calling your cell phone. Tap to check Unknown number to block unlisted numbers. Tap the Add icon. Tap the preferred option. If Contacts or Recent calls was selected, tap the phone number. If New was selected, enter the phone Number, then tap SAVE. The number is now blocked. To unblock a phone number, tap the Trash icon. Tap SELECT ALL or check the individual number

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