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Career Information. The Career Info web site provides access to helpful careerrelated information. Navy personnel can find the following career assistance and resources: Active Duty Officer Boards. Reserve Officer Boards. Active Duty Enlisted Boards. Reserve Enlisted Boards.In 1945, with the service number cap now reached, the Navy extended officer service numbers again to 600, 000. It was not until 1955, after the Korean War had ended, that a need arose for continued expansion of Navy officer numbers. navy lineal number register

department of the navy. office of the chief of naval operations 2000 navy pentagon washington. d. c. . in reply refer to. opnavinst 1427. 2. pers48 15 aug 05. opnav instruction 1427. 2. from: chief of naval operations. subj: rank, seniority and placement of officers on the active

lineal number changes to a register number). Register numbers for Reservists are formatted differently than a lineal number is for an active duty list officer. At each promotion, a Reserve officer receives a new, numerically lower register number. Admirals on active duty have oneortwo digit lineal numbers. The lower the number, the more senior the officer. A Navy List or Naval Register is an official list of naval officers, their ranks and seniority, the ships which they command or to which they are appointed, etc. , that is published by the government or naval authorities of a lineal number register You can look up your lineal number in Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) (Click link on the side) 1. Once logged into NSIPS Select the View Personal Information link. 2. Select Member Data Summery and you will find your Precedence Number at the bottom. 3.

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Navy Register Lineal Number. These files are related to navy register lineal number. Just preview or download the desired file. navy lineal number register Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher Jr. , U. S. Navy (Retired) Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere James R. Mahoney Director, NOAA Corps Rear Admiral Samuel P. De Bow, Jr. , NOAA LINEAL NUMBER ORIGINAL APPT DATE Aug 19, 2006 Lineal Looney. Sometimes there are things that fall in your lap in the blogg'n world. Get that? Yep, the pressing issue at the United States Naval Academy is What is my lineal number. So many funny angles to this one, the top being that if you want to know your lineal number, google sends you to me. Navy SRB Guidance The ActiveDuty List register number is the lineal number. The Reserve ActiveStatus list register number is the precedence number. Lineal and precedence numbers are assigned per SECNAVINST 1427. 2 according to seniority. FTS officers are assigned both lineal numbers and precedence numbers. Navy Standard Integrated PayPersonnel System (NSIPS), depending on the block of the ODC that requires update or change. The list of who to contact by ODC block number is located in Appendix E of NAVPERS I, Volume II.

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