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2019-11-20 15:11

The first part of a node name starts with iqn and uses a standard format that you cannot change. For example, if your node name is, you could change the last six numbers to a word or phrase so that the name becomes.The IQN is a requirement when running iSCSI to identify the XenServer on the iSCSI network. It is necessary to change the software iSCSI initiator IQN on XenServer if you do not want the default value or if you require a customized IQN. xenserver iqn number

Apr 20, 2015 INTRODUCTION. There are a number of ways to connect storage devices to XenServer hosts and pools, including local storage, HBA SAS and fiber channel, NFS and iSCSI.

At some point you will be asked by a Storage Engineer for your systems iSCSI Initiator Node Name or your iqn. This list shows you how to get your local iSCSI initiator name or iqn from the command line. This assumes the iSCSI service is installed, enabled and running. XenServer is a complete server virtualization platform, with all the capabilities required to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. XenServer is optimized for both Windows and Linux virtual servers. XenServer runs directly on server hardware without requiring an underlying operating system, which results in an efficient and scalable system.xenserver iqn number Aug 16, 2015 Tobias, We use. x and. x for our 2 SAN traffic non routed subnets. No gateway defined Each of the SANs has a single 10G interface and we can bind multiple IP's, but I suspect that's why its seeing multiple session because they are not separate.

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Understand XenServer VM High availability This article in a introduction to the VM HA mechanism in XenServer. Implementing VM High availability is a real challenge: first because you need to reliably detect when a server has really failed to avoid unpredictable behavior. xenserver iqn number I prefer to have objects selfdocumenting, so I would change the iqn to something like for this server. The xs55server1 string indicates the platform is Citrix XenServer 5. 5 and that this is my first server. XenServer hosts support a single iSCSI initiator which is automatically created and configured with a random IQN during host installation. The single initiator can be used to connect to multiple iSCSI targets concurrently. iSCSI targets commonly provide access control using iSCSI initiator IQN lists. The XenServer Quick Start Guide walks through the installation and configuration essentials to get XenServer and its graphical Windowsbased user interface, XenCenter, up and running. Download from citrix. com. Configuration Limits. The XenServer platform is tested to perform in a number of virtualization scenarios. Jul 07, 2010 You can modify the XenServer's IQN by selecting the XenServer then choose the General tabEdit there you can set the IQN to whatever you want in the iSCSI IQN: field in XenCenter. . By default it has a random name with a in it. For example mine was created with

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