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Download Number Systems Formulas for CAT PDF by Cracku. Number Systems is the most important topic in the quantitative section. It is a very vast topic and a significant number of questions appear in CAT every year from this section.CAT Level Quants question from number theory factors. A very important topic, and a common question pattern. Learn from Rajesh Balasubramanian, 100 percentiler in CAT 2011, 2012 and 2014. cat number theory questions

Number Theory Questions Factors. October 28, 2010 rajesh Number Theory Leave a comment. Questions: December 3, 2012 CAT Number Theory Interesting question This is an interesting question from Number Theory. Slightly unconventional, but interesting nevertheless. Question The sum of the factors of a number is 124.

This is a number theory question on finding out the number of factors of a positive integer. The question can be answered with a simple formula. Questions such as this appear in the TANCET, XAT, CAT, PGSEM tests in the quant section. Level of difficulty: Moderate. This subsection of Aptitude Test Solved Problems is on Number System and Number Theory . These moderately difficult questions with detailed solutions on Number system are helpful for those who are preparing for competitive exams like MAT, SNAP, XAT, CAT, TISS, GATE aptitude, GMAT, GRE etccat number theory questions Number System& Theory& Number Properties Aptitude Practice Number system& Theory T his topic is an important and will usually account for about a quarter of the number of questions that typically appear in any B school entrance test be it TANCET or CAT or GMAT.

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Number of zeros at the end of a factorial. Number System Tests graded according to three levels. Level 1: Test 1. Level 1: Test 2. Mensuration Problems you should solve for CAT Prep; CAT Mensuration Questions and Answers: Mensuration Problems you should solve for CAT Prep; cat number theory questions Question Bank Number Theory Questions From Previous CAT Papers (Solved) Question Bank Number Theory Questions From Previous CAT Papers (Solved) This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. mastershifu last edited by mastershifu. Skadoooosh! ! ! Number of Questions: 100 How to find power of a prime number contained in a factorial. No theory. Direct result. Find the highest power of 2 contained in 200! cat questions 86 quant mixed bag 73 question bank 47 theory of equations 14 permutation& combination 11 time speed& distance 10 cat questions lr Ppt On Number Theory For Cat 1. Welcome to www. TCYonline. com 2. NUMBER THEORY PART I Maximum Power Of a Number Dividing a Given Factorial Factors Congruent Modulo N Base System Cyclicity (Unit digit of a number) Congruent Modulo N 3.

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