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Examples of the Unix Linux sort command, including sorting output from the ls and ps commands, and sorting the contents of a text file this help and exit version output version information and exit POS is F[. C[OPTS, where F is the field number and C the character position in the field. OPTS is one or more singleletter orderingIFS' ' to make read all number delimited by space 'read ra to read all numbers in an array; sort n to sort numbers numerically; printf s\n arr[@ to print each element of array in separate line (printf s\n arr[@ ) is process substitution that make it printf command behave like a file for sort bash sort numbers ascending

Here, k sorts the output based on field provided and cpu is to sort it in descending order. If you omit the in front of the sort field then it will be sorted in ascending order. Also note that you can give it multiple sort fields:

When using 'sort k 1, 1 File. txt the order of lines will not changed, though we are expecting: 2 bar 100 foo 300 tuu How can we sort a field consisting numbers based on the absolute numerical value? g Sort numerically, using the standard C function strtod' to convert a prefix of each line to a doubleprecision floating point number. This allows floating point numbers to be specified in scientific notation, like 1. 0e34' and 10e100 Do not report overflow, underflow, or conversion errors.bash sort numbers ascending Specify the sort keys separately with the criteria: sort k1, 1nr k2, 2 inputfile This specifies that the first key is sorted numerically in reverse order while the second is sorted as per the default sort order.

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The above combines Bash code with external utility sort for a solution that works with arbitrary singleline elements and either lexical or numerical sorting (optionally by field): Performance: For around 20 elements or more, this will be faster than a pure Bash solution significantly and increasingly so once you get beyond around 100 elements. bash sort numbers ascending To sort a list of numbers, one would usually use sort n: sort n o list. sorted list where list is the unsorted list, and list. sorted will be the resulting sorted list. With n, sort will perform a numerical sort Bash Shell Scripting Directory Shell Script To Sort Numbers in File In Ascending Order in Categories Academic, String Management last updated October 20, 2008 Jun 03, 2008 Your example suggests you want the last three numbers (i. e. simply tail n 3 file), not the sorted output. The last three numbers from an ascending sort would be 382, 432, and 433 from the sample input you provided. I am trying to use the unix sort command to get a list of numbers sorted in ascending order but having trouble in getting it to work. An example of this issue would be when i am trying to sort the following three number each on a different line 1 , 2 and 116 the sort command list the results in the order 1, 116, 2 i want it to sort it as 1, 2, 116.

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