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Jun 29, 2010  On April 26, 2006, whilst in the midst of perhaps his greatest individual season, Kobe Bryant announced his intention to change his number from eight to 24, beginning with theHow can the answer be improved? kobe bryant number 8 to 24

Kobe changed his number from 8 to 24 because he wants to surpass Michael Jordan's greatness. He added 1 point to 23 to make it 24 to make himself higher than Jordan.

K obe Bryant had no idea when reports surfaced on April 26, 2006, of him changing his No. 8 to No. 24 that his No. 8 would be intertwined in the most controversial series of his career. Nov 07, 2017 Bryant scored almost the exact same amount of points with No. 8 (16, 777) and No. 24 (16, 866) so it's understandable why both won't ever be worn by another Lakers player.kobe bryant number 8 to 24 No. 24 CatchAll Metrics: 24. 8 PER, 14. 2 win shares, 0. 181 WS48, 5. 6 BPM, 400. 79 TPA Apologies for the information overload above, but the wealth of numbers should make it even easier to see how

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Bryant will become the first player in NBA history to have two different numbers retired by the same franchise when his 8 and 24 are raised into the Staples Center rafters on Monday night. kobe bryant number 8 to 24 Apr 08, 2015 While Kobe Bryant hasn't said this himself, changing from 8 to 24 helped separate the two very different halves of his career he won 3 championships while wearing number 8, and then went onto win another 2 while donning 24.

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