Dell serial number service tag converter

2020-01-23 17:59

Dell PC service tags and express service codes are directly related. Given one type, the other can be computed. This tool is not affiliated with or approved by Dell, Inc.How can the answer be improved? dell serial number service tag converter

I need to convert the small code to a BigDecimal, can this be done in Excel. for Example: So Simple Typical Service Tag 5RFDP01 Its Express Service Code The dashes are the only thing that might throw you.

Aug 15, 2017 Re: Dell Serial Numbers to Service Tags FINALLY foonly Aug 15, 2017 3: 51 PM ( in response to azabielski ) I think there's a typo in @azabielki's original post. Jul 09, 2011 So I tried to get her to send me the service tag. Instead she sent the express service code. Rather than prolong the unprofitable exchange I decided to find out if I could use it to identify her serial number service tag converter I need to find the serial number on my Dell XPS 15z to register software. Is the service tag the same number as the serial number or is the service tag just specific to Dell? Thank you.

Dell serial number service tag converter free

Re: Find Dell LCD Serial# from web using service tag# . Serial Number and Service Tag are one and the same thing. You did not purchase Directly from Dell and therefore you would have to get any Warranty from the shop . dell serial number service tag converter Dell's service tag numbers are alphanumeric sequences used as serial numbers for the equipment they sell. They are helpful when getting support, but must be converted to numerical sequences called Express Service Codes when using Dell's automated phone help. When calling Dell Support, you usually have to enter the Express Service Code of your system get a tech on the phone. This is because the Service Tag ( serial number) is not exclusively made of digits, but the Express Service Code is (DTMF friendly). Locating the service tag on your Dell computer or laptop is essential in the event that your laptop needs servicing. The service tag number identifies your computer to the Dell technician or support representative. The number is linked to your account and provides warranty information about

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