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Departments Municipal Court Municipal Court The Fort Worth Municipal Court hears cases of city ordinance and code violations, parking and traffic violations and school attendance violations.Spokane Municipal Court does not process protection or restraining orders, name changes, small claims or civil cases, or junk vehicle abatement removal and impounds under Chapter 10. 16 of the Spokane Municipal Code. municipal court number

The Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the government of the City of Austin. It is committed to administering justice in a fair, efficient, and timely manner. Court services are increasingly available online, by telephone, email, and through the mail which contributes to compliance in a customer service and ecofriendly way.

San Antonio Municipal Court Records& Docket Search Records Search looks up the status and details of your open or closed case. Docket Search allows you to view court dockets by date and time up to 30 days in advance of the docket. You may view case information by performing searches by case number, citation number, defendant name or violation location. Once you are viewing the details of a case, you can make an online payment with no additional service charges or convenience fees by clicking the Make a Payment button.municipal court number Municipal Court cases may be eligible for a continuance for the first court appearance unless there is a victim or a witness subpoenaed to appear in Court. You may make a request for a firsttime continuance online or by calling or 311.

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The Philadelphia Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction with 27 lawtrained Judges, and as such is responsible for trying criminal offenses carrying maximum sentences of incarceration of five years or less, civil cases where the amount in controversy is 12, 000 or less for Small Claims; unlimited dollar amounts in Landlord and Tenant cases; and 15, 000 in real estate and school tax cases. municipal court number The Phoenix Municipal Court is the States largest limited jurisdiction court and is among the top ten busiest municipal courts in the United States. The Court handles cases that range from minor traffic violations to Class 1 misdemeanors carrying a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a 2, 500 fine. The El Paso Municipal Court is a court of record which handles Class C misdemeanors and civil parking citations issued within the city limits. The El Paso Municipal Court of Appeals hears appeals filed from the El Paso Municipal Courts. Rules and guidelines on how to handle any of your court business, including instructions on how to reset and pay for your case(s), as well as downloadable forms, are available at no charge on our website. To speak with a Municipal Courts, please dial 311 or, if outside Houston city limits.

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