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8. 5 If employers receive a SARS return form (EMP201), it means that they are required to submit their Unemployment Insurance Fund contribution to SARS for periods from April 2002 onwards The Fund should in these cases be advised of the 10digit Pay As You Earn (PAYE) reference number in respect of their business.A valid UIF reference number for either a domestic employer or a commercial employer that you as an agent will be acting on behalf of; Your valid 13 Digit South African ID number or a valid Passport number; Your email address where all correspondence will be emailed employers uif reference number

The only requirement to activate your uFiling account as an employer is to have a valid UIF reference number issued by the UIF. Bulk Uploading and Declaration Submission: Employers are allowed to

Employers registered with HM Revenue and Customs will receive a range of details and reference numbers. Many of these can be confusing, and some get lost. But the Employer Reference Number (ERN), also known as an employer PAYE reference, is a Basic Guide to UIF Contributions Employers must pay UIF contributions of 2 of the value of each worker's pay per month. The employer and the worker contribute 1 each. Employers Guide to UIF Employers must register themselves and their workers with the UIF and pay contributions monthly. Workers Guide to UIFemployers uif reference number The amounts deducted or withheld must be paid by the employer to SARS on a monthly basis, by completing the Monthly Employer Declaration (EMP201). The EMP201 is a payment declaration in which the employer declares the total payment together with the allocations for PAYE, SDL, UIF andor Employment Tax Incentive (ETI), if applicable.

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The reference number to be provided when the contribution is paid must be as follows (UIF Reference Number and the contribution period year and month YYMM) Typical example: ( 0906). The UIF on receipt of their statements from the banks will identify the reference number provided and then reconcile that reference number to the online declaration that was made by the uFiler. employers uif reference number A valid UIF reference number for either a domestic employer or a commercial employer that you as an agent will be acting on behalf of. Your valid 13 digit South African ID number or a valid passport number. GUIDE FOR EMPLOYERS IN RESPECT OF UIF UIFGEN01GO1 REVISION: 6 Page 7 of 13 8 DEDUCTION OF CONTRIBUTION Reference to the Act Section 7 of the UIC Act Meaning The employer must on a monthly basis deduct or withhold the amount of the employee's contribution from the remuneration paid or payable to that employee during that month. After processing, you will receive back your new UIF payment reference number. (This may take a while) If you have obtained a UIF Registration and valid UIF number, please follow these next steps to Register for Ufiling online payments. (If you do not have a valid UIF number yet, please refer to points 1& 2 above) Activate your UFiling However I cannot add a UIF amount in my IRP5 certificates because it asks for a UIF reference number. Where can I get my UIF reference numberTHANKS so much This entry was posted in Tax Q& A and tagged Salary IRP5, Audit Verification, Tax Threshold, SARS& eFiling.

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