Ring 1300 number outside australia

2019-11-20 14:53

The phone number in Australia is 1300 xxx xxx. I am trying to make the call from a calling card in the US. The way I am trying to dial it is 011 61 1300 xxx xxx.It is not possible to ring an Australian 1300 number from New Zealand. 1300 numbers only work if you are calling from within Australia. ring 1300 number outside australia

Mar 15, 2011 Telephone Country and Area Codes australia. gov. au However, the DIAC 'Contact us' site suggests: General Skilled Migration Processing Centres Telephone 61 1300 364 613 (outside Australia) 1300 364 613 (in Australia) Cheers, all the best. Chris.

In Australia, these numbers are also known as free call numbers, and start with 1800 or 1300. However, a caller from the United States will still have to pay to call a free call number in Australia, because of the cost of an international call. If you call outside of our standard operating hours, be sure to leave your phone number (including area and country codes). Well return your call during normal business hours. Contact 1800 Numbers Australia. International Phone: 61 3 8513 1300 International Fax: 61 3ring 1300 number outside australia Here is how you can dial Australia 1300 overseas overseas access code country code (the country code for Australia is 61) your phone word number A good example would be To call 1300DIALME from the United Kingdom: 00 61 1300 followed by the number I hope you

Ring 1300 number outside australia free

Oct 21, 2012 Maybe there is a way to find out the equivalent local number. 61 1300 xxx xxx does not work. 61 13 xx xx doesn't work either. Many organizations in Australia don't publish or offer an alternative number for international inquiries. This makes it tricky for international companies to undertake business with Australia. ring 1300 number outside australia Feb 28, 2009 number routing is set up by the number owner. As they pay for incoming calls, they will determine if you can call it from various destinations. So I would imagine there would be very few 1800 numbers you could call from OS. numbersare paid by the business owner of the number; numberscosts are shared by the caller and the business. These numbers are a good way to attract business from anywhere in Australia. However, if calls come from outside your local call area you may be charged at longdistance rates. To minimise costs, only market your It depends on the individual mobile plan as how 13 and 1300 numbers are charged: all plans no longer charge for 1800 but 13 and 1300 may still be charged at a high rate, or outside included calls. These numbers forward to a geographic or mobile number. Local Calls landline calls received from the local area of where the number is being routed to. National Calls landline calls received from outside the local area of where the number is being routed to. Mobile Calls calls received from a mobile phone, anywhere in Australia.

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