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2019-11-20 19:36

Are you a user of Banglalink? . If your answer is yes, then today's article is only for you. In this post, I will share with you how you can add or change Banglalink fnf and super fnf package on your numberMobile number with country code (880 or 880) will also be accepted: Write rem 01xxxxxxxxx and then send to 3311 to remove the respective FNF number. Multiple numbers cannot be removed at the same time: Write c 01xxxxxxxxx 01xxxxxxxxx (the 1st number is the existing number& the 2nd number is the new number) to change FNF numbers and then send to 3311. banglalink fnf number

To accommodate your big list of friends, banglalink presents 10 fnf package. now you can enjoy as low as 5 paisa10 seconds to one special banglalink number and as low as 10paisa10 seconds to

Method to add FNF number To add regular FNF number simply dial at the number that are given below your selected number# Method to replace a FNF number It is also easy to do change a super FNF number in a step. Dial form your active banglalink number like below. old numbernew number# Method to add Super FNF number Dial to 1667selected number# . Given list of codes for BanglaLink, dial and check.banglalink fnf number to check fnf number dial# and to check special fnf number dial# . within 24 hours fnf will be changed for more help, write HELP and send SMS to 3300 OR 3311 (free) or call

Banglalink fnf number free

Not sure which package to migrate to? try our. package advisor. migrate detail banglalink fnf number Inform to all banglalink users, from 12th August 2014 banglalink revised their Play packages. During this changes, Play package will now have 18 FNF Number and 1 special fnf Number. To remove your fnf numbers, customers need to type remnumber and send to 3300. Example: rem 019XXXXXXXX and send to 3300. How to check Banglalink fnf numbers: To check your fnf numbers, just type FF and send to 3300. How to change super fnf numbers: To change your super fnf number, Just dial 1668old numbernew number# . To check your own banglalink number please dial: 511# Replace an old FnF with a new FnF Number in Banglalink: Go to Messages and Type ch old fnf number new fnf number and Send sms to 3300. For example, you already have a FnF number which is. Now you want to change it to. Go to Messages and Type ch and Send sms to 3300.

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